EnfaMama A+ is a nutritional milk supplement formulated to support nutritional needs of a mother and developing baby during pregnancy and later, throughout lactation.

EnfaMama A+ is formulated with DHA and Choline. DHA is found in breast milk.

EnfaMama A+ contains Multi N-ergy Complex, a blend of macronutrients to support nutritional and energy needs of mother.

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EnfaMama A+ is formulated to help support your nutritional needs during your crucial pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Enfamama A+        > View Nutrition Information

  • Folate helps to maintain the growth and development of the foetus.
  • Iron needs rise tremendously during pregnancy. Iron for the formation of red blood cells which carry oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • Calcium supports the development of strong bones and teeth.
  • EnfaMama A+ contains DHA level that helps meet expert recommendation*

    EnfaMama A+ provides 66mg DHA in 2 servings a day. With regular diet, this level helps meet the FAO/WHO recommended daily dietary DHA or DHA+EPA intake for adult pregnant and lactating women.

    **Reference: FAO Food and Nutrition Paper 91, Chapter 5, Page 59.

Available in:
Vanilla and Chocolate

Pack size:
900g & 300g pack (NEW)Enfamama A+


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